Three Locations in Amsterdam
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The urban jungle

Find yourself in a cosmopolitan environment, inspired by the tropical spheres of Bali. The interior combines green natural elements such as plants and wood, with more industrial tones in the form of stone and steel. This is reflected in the overall theme of ‘urban jungle’.

Currently there are three venues located in Amsterdam. Please click down below for more information.


Dear friends, family, neighbors and locals

Due to the closing of all restaurants for the next three weeks, many of your favorite places will go through difficult times. If you really want to support us, or any other restaurant, you can help us by buying a giftcard. As soon as we’ll be open again, you can book a table via our website to redeem your giftcard and enjoy your usual brunch or dinner with us, your friend, brother, romantic partner or colleague. Because we value you and our community very much, we’ll be giving you something extra in return.

Down below you can click on your favourite Benji’s location to find the giftcards in the right bottom

Thank you for the support!

Much love, Benji’s

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Reservations and events

Due to the new regulations we only accept a maximum of 30 guests at the same time indoors. Furthermore we only accept reservations for parties of 5 or more people that reside in one household. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

We only accept indoor bookings! But if there’s an open spot on our terrace you can sit  there as well! Because we only have 30 seats available, we are working with timeslots of 2 hours (weekdays) and 1,5 hours (weekend)

You don’t need a reservation to sit on our terraces. Just drop by and wait for a table!


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